General Membership

Boston HPC Meetings

The Boston HPC meetings are led by the Chair and Co-Chair under the direction of the Executive Committee. These meetings may be canceled or postponed at the discretion of the Executive Committee for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to: emergency activations of the MIC or significant planned events which may affect member attendance. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, all meetings are virtual until further notice.

Attendance at Boston HPC meetings is limited to only Boston HPC members and support members. All other attendees must be approved prior to the meetings by the Executive Committee. Any attendee not approved by the Executive Committee may be asked to leave to ensure the integrity of the meetings.

To view meeting agendas, minutes, and presentations, please click here.


Membership to the Boston HPC is open to all Region 4C (Boston) organizations or entities that agree to work collaboratively on healthcare emergency preparedness and response activities. Membership includes, but is not limited to Region 4C.

Member organizations assign a representative who attends Boston HPC meetings and speaks on behalf of the organization.

To learn more about membership, please review the Boston HPC Charter.

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